Casual belts for women

We produce high-quality artisan casual belts for women from the best materials


Nowadays realizing an artisan product is a key factor because more and more often there are standard items on the market that lose the uniqueness and the value of handcrafted goods.
The company offers high-quality belts using many different types of materials and is able to satisfy everyone’s taste. We are also happy to collaborate with clients and meet their requests.
All the casual belts are polished and dyed, also matching the leather colour, in order to obtain rounded and well-finished edges. The types of leather used for casual belts for women include smooth, drummed and embossed calf leather, pigmented splits, suede splits and bycast, all in line with the high quality standards of the company and its artisan manufacturing.


First phase of the production is the planning. The final products are of excellent quality and are the result of the handcrafted manufacturing, typical of the Made in Italy.

This is the reason why it is essential to choose the best materials in order to obtain the best product. There are many different kinds of leather used, like calf leather (smooth, drummed, embossed, brushed off, painted or metal coated), pigmented splits, suede splits and bycast.

In this way the casual belts for women are the result of thorough research and manufacturing designed to create a final item able to enrich and give novelty to the every women’s outfit.


There are many different types of works, like belts with leather inserts, patchwork, hand sewing, with personalized embroidery, french binding, tubolar belts, sashes and even more.

The experience we have gained over the years of work is now combined with the most modern technologies in order to obtain high-quality casual belts, respecting traditions and taking into account the needs related to the fashion world. Each women’s belt is made with passion and with the most constant and extreme care in order to allow every woman to perceive the craftsmanship and authenticity of the product itself. Expert personnel works every day many kinds of materials in full respect of nature and regulations. All models of casual women’s belts are highly versatile and are designed exclusively for women who like to stand out.


We produce leather belts from high quality materials for personalized orders of wholesalers, brands, sales organizations and shops.

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